Friday, August 14, 2009

Review: Zeitgeist *****

Judging by the group of besuited and well-dressed people who left Zen Zen Zo's provocative show mid-way through, Zeitgeist is probably not best suited for a civilised evening of corporate entertainment. For anyone who has in interest in cutting-edge contemporary & experimental phsyical theatre, however, it's pretty much a must.

Eight near-naked creatures are magically brought to life before our eyes and then, for the next 65 minutes, experience the full gamut of emotion and feelings with childlike wonder, glee and fear. A series of marvellously choreographed and executed pieces seem to each represent one of the deadly sins, with the energetic troupe losing themselves in the throes of lust, parading around like parodies of proud supermodels, or - in the scene which merits the "caution...flying food" warning on the show's publicity - consumed by gluttonous obsession.

Zeitgeist is performed by the Australian-based Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre company, whose members have performed previously with The Dresden Dolls and Amanda Palmer. Unafraid to compromise any aspect of their artistic vision, Zen Zen Zo challenge, startle and astonish with Zeitgeist, with scenes of sheer beauty coupled with those of meticulously-planned and spellbinding chaos.
Zeitgeist runs until Aug 31st (not 17th) at C Venues. £11.50 (£10.50 concession)

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