Thursday, August 21, 2008

Drum Drama ****

Drum Drama is a joyous and exuberant percussion show performed by a troupe of young Chinese drummers.

Taking place in the rather incongrous setting of an Edinburgh nightclub, this show had enough dazzling costumery, synchronised percussion and cultural pride to be highly enjoyable.

From the pounding opening number, performed by the female members of the troupe dressed in striking Peking Opera costumes, to the closing routine, being a celebratory drum dance performed by the entire group, this was impressive and uplifting stuff.

There have been many Asian shows of interest this year, and although I've not seen them all, I've enjoyed all that I've managed to fit in. Drum Drama is no exception, and provides a fascinating glimpse into the culture, skill and elation of Chinese drumming done at its best.

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