Monday, August 25, 2008

It's over...

There are only three things I won't miss about this year's festival:
  • the hangovers
  • the nightly taxi trip home
  • bleeding money away like a haemorrage

On the other hand, there is much, much more that I will miss:

  • people watching outside the upside-down purple cow at the Udderbelly
  • seeing performers in the streets around "the hub" (including a Caesar Twin deep in conversation with Jim Bowen)
  • sitting chilling out in the cultured and inspirational calm oasis of the Book Festival
  • the bean burgers
  • bumping into Patti Plinko at Camille and congratulating her for her show
  • the Terrible Infants strolling round Bristo Square serenading punters just because they felt like it
  • the organised chaos that was the High Street (especially when Drum Cat were there)
  • watching talented young performers mingling in the C bar at Chambers St
  • seeing South Koreans in traditional dress and samurai warriors wandering about the streets with no-one batting an eyelid
  • the Kirin in the Queen's Hall
  • slagging off War of the Worlds at every opportunity
  • the urban style of the C Socco
  • everything belonging to Lionel Ritchie
  • girls with megaphones
  • the Caesar Twins doing their Terminator stalking bit
  • medicinal beers
  • hell, I'll even miss the rain...

But now, it's all over bar the fireworks. It's been great.


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