Monday, August 25, 2008

Jerry Sadowitz ***

Jerry Sadowitz, despite any of his claims to the contrary, is bitter, boys & girls. And sick, twisted, offensive and foul-mouthed as well.

The embodiment of the "I'm not discriminatory, I hate everyone" mentality, Sadowitz rants, raves and spits through an hour of close-to-the-bone comedy interspersed with superb close-up magic.

Not quite the 'charming young conjuror' he ironically claims to be, with his wild hair stuffed into a top hat and bulging Marty Feldman-like eyes, he interrupts his magic tricks with diatribes against everyone: women, homosexuals, children, Chinese, Scots, English - all are treated to the ire of his acid tongued wrath.

Not to everyone's taste (a few people left early on during a particularly offensive spleen-vent on children), and, despite laughing at the outrageous things coming out of his mouth, there is a small, niggling suspicion that he is merely this generation's Bernard Manning with a few card tricks...


  1. Bernard Manning?

    I'd stick to reviewing Jimmy Carr if I were you.

  2. Jimmy Carr? No thanks - he's this generation's Larry Grayson.

    I saw Sadowitz in 2007 and laughed so much my head hurt. Maybe in 2008 I was expecting too much, or maybe it was too soon after seeing him before (a lot of the set was the same), but I just didn't enjoy it as much.

    He's still head and shoulders above the majority of his peers though, and anyone that likes stand-up should make a point of seeing him.