Saturday, August 29, 2009

Edinburgh Festival Insider - Theatre Award 2009

As ever, the Fringe has been a fertile showcase for new and established drama groups to present some quite stunning shows. Theatre is the genre that is perhaps closest to the roots of the Fringe's beginnings, so it is heartening to see so many companies keeping that spirit alive.

This year, the nominations for the Edinburgh Festival Insider Theatre Award 2009 are:
  • The Grind Show by TBA Collaborative. A unique vision and excellent performances from a young and talented group of performers, The Grind Show was captivating and beautifully staged.
  • Ernest and The Pale Moon by Les Enfants Terribles / Pins & Needles Productions. A deliciously dark tale of gothic horror performed with panache and style by a multi-talented cast.
  • The Overcoat by Gecko Theatre. A nigh-on perfectly realised interpretation of Gogol's short story, staged with wonderful imagination and delivered through extremely accomplished performances and stagecraft.
  • Stitches by Claire Urwin. Splendid student theatre with an excellent script and some stunning performances from its young and talented cast.
  • Private Peaceful by Scamp Theatre. A poignant and beautifully acted study of brotherly love and the horror of war.
And the winner is...

The Overcoat by Gecko Theatre

Even after having let this sink in and compared to the other productions in the shortlist, Gecko Theatre's production still dazzles. Beautiful sets, stunning lighting, original direction and performances that were absolutely marvellous: The Overcoat was greater than the sum of its already splendid parts and delivered a production that I would comfortably and confidently call a triumph.

Gecko Theatre, here is your well-deserved:

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