Thursday, August 27, 2009

Review: Rich Hall's Campfire Stories ***

As you will probably have gathered by now, comedy is not really my genre of choice, but I do enjoy Rich Hall's line in dry and laconic delivery (it's the grumpy old man thing that appeals to me...)

Whilst he's also doing a one-man show this Fringe, Rich Hall's Campfire Stories was a lot more up my street. In this hour of clever and mostly gentle comedy, Hall and two other performers - Mike Wilmot and Tim Williams - spin yarns and lines around a campfire in the woods, with the tales veering off on enjoyable and sometimes quite bizarre tangents that share themes and moods with some of Hall's short stories and other writings.

As is often the case, the biggest laughs come from the corpsing, ad-libbing and fourth wall-breaking moments, but it is testament to the performers' abilities as comedians and storytellers that this slice of male mid-life Americana is enjoyable and amusing throughout.

Rich Hall's Campfire Stories runs until 31 August at the Assembly Rooms. £12 (£11 concession)

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