Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Caesar Twins *****

Two identical twins from Poland, the Caesar Twins are a pair of world-class gymnasts and acrobats, who over the years have perfected their circus skills to the extent that they can hold a sell-out crowd spellbound for over an hour. They could have doubled the length of the show, and no-one would have complained (apart from themselves, perhaps - this did look quite an exhausting affair).

Unmistakable with their long blond hair and muscled bodies, the twins perform a series of ever more impressive stunts and feats of physical wonder. The hour speeds past quickly, and in that time, you have witnessed some marvellous examples of what the human body is capable of, shot through with some moments of comedy and pathos. Any dead time is filled with some great live guitar and saxophone music and with projections of silent movie stars of the past on the backdrop.

But it is to the twins' credit that there is hardly a moment where one or both of them is not on stage, doing something you're not quite sure you actually saw or not. And the finale, featuring their signature water-based act is breathtaking and, thanks to some excellent stage direction & lighting, quite beautiful.

It is testament to the fame and popularity of the Edinburgh Festival that it attracts acts of this calibre, and I feel fortunate to be here for it. World-class stuff.

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