Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dada Noir *****

The flyer compares Patti Plinko to Piaf, Bjork and Tom Waits and - unusually for Edinburgh Festival flyers - it's spot on.

Patti (and her Boy) perform Dada Noir, a bewitching set of dark cabaret numbers. A petite creature with 50s hair and clothes playing a ukelele, when Plinko opens her mouth to sing something amazing happens.

Here is voice that performs tonal tricks - from deep seductive purring and caressed vowels to guttural moans and grunts, with the odd yelp and laugh chucked in for good measure. Musically, things are also spot-on - Plinko's ukelele playing battling against the acoustic guitar of the Boy - an anonymous figure in a boiler suit and gas mask, looking like a member of Slipknot on a quiet day.

Influences are as the flyer stated, plus a healthy dose of Dresden Dolls / Amanda Palmer, but Plinko has a style all her own, and one which, in the course of 50 minutes, I've become a definite fan of.

And maybe one day she'll beat the Boy in the ukelele / guitar strum-off...

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  1. Hi Keith

    Great review you've written and all spot on.

    We first met Patti & her Boy at the Brighton Fringe earlier this year and were lucky enough to film them for the website. Two superior artists and two charming down to earth people as well.

    This lady is the next Amy Winehouse!