Monday, August 11, 2008

Dream of Cat *****

It would be hard not to give Dream of Cat five stars.
  • One star for the infectious and ribcage-pounding percussion performed by a seven-strong troupe of all-female South Korean drummers
  • One for the synchronised hair-flicking.
  • Another for the matching black velvet catsuits and patent leather boots.
  • One specifically for the short-haired mistress of high-speed drumming (her skill behind a rock drumkit was a wonder to behold).
  • And one final star for the fact that Drum Cat, the troupe behind this fast-moving and spectacular show, look simply stunning.
I did consider knocking off a star for the fact they played some of the numbers to backing tracks of guitar and rock music, but their full-on percussive assault and synchronised high-speed skills more than made up for that. Plus, they all looked as though they were having as much fun as we were - which, like the Brazilian capioera a couple of nights ago - is an infectious and uplifting thing.

The charming young manageress also let me photograph the show, which was an added bonus.

Six stars then.

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