Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Highlight #14 - Picaresque

One of the beauties of the Fringe is that it allows companies who may not otherwise have had the chance to treat a captive and eager audience to their own particular vision.

Eyes Open theatre company, a young and ambitious group of recent graduates, have grabbed that chance with both hands and premiere their madcap globespanning comic adventure Picaresque in Edinburgh this season.

Written by Jack Sanderson-Thwaite, Picaresque sees Elijah and Nathaniel, two roguish rakes, attempting to cross continents from opposite sides of the globe to attend their annual reunion. Needless to say, obstacles both varied and bizarre fight against them every step of the way. Will they make it in time? Will the world's slowest train ever get to its destination? And how on earth are Eyes Open going to portray the moose-wrestling bit?

All these burning questions and more will be answered this year during the course of Picaresque, the kind of show the Fringe embraces to its heart.

Picaresque runs at the Sweet Heart (2 India Buildings) from 6th - 30th August (not 17th). Various from £5.

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