Thursday, August 6, 2009

Review ratings rationale

My Festival reviews have started.

I'm using the time-honoured 5-star rating system, with the following rationale. Remember, this will be my personal opinion. Feel free to disagree.

  • * - something about the show was severely lacking, whether misguided direction, poor stagecraft, etc. I'll never give a 1-star to a show just because I didn't personally like it.
  • ** - perhaps a good idea poorly executed; or some circumstance working against the show itself. Not necessarily the mark of a bad show.
  • *** - a very good show which did exactly what it claimed to do on the tin. Probably a show worth catching if it appeals to your tastes.
  • **** - a great show, containing something unique, whether stagecraft, direction, performance or emotion. One to seek out.
  • ***** - a stunning show, a highlight of the Festival. Something unique. Not many shows will get 5 stars this year, as I really want to use that rating for the things that are truly special.

Ready? Get set.


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