Thursday, August 6, 2009

Review: Malaje ***

Malaje is the world premiere of a show by Spanish troupe Cia Albadulake, appearing at the New Town Theatre as part of the eclectic and exciting Universal Arts Festival.

Billing itself as a ‘flamenco circus’, Malaje features seven talented performers and musicians in a joyful hour of dance, acrobatics and humour.

Lit seductively in shades of red throughout the hour’s performance, Cia Albadulake entertain with flamboyant flamenco routines, impressive feats of juggling and some interesting acrobatic acts. Never quite managing to make your jaw drop in the same way some of the acts in La Clique and its ilk do, it's still hard not to be won over by the performers’ infectious enthusiasm and charm; and the unique flamenco take that is prevalent throughout.

Music is excellent, with accomplished vocals, guitar and rhythms that have your hands involuntarily clapping along in time before you know what you’re doing. As a fan of the cosmopolitan nature of the Fringe, Malaje was not only a great show but also a fine start to the 2009 season.

Malaje runs from August 6th to 30th (not 17th) at the New Town Theatre. Priced various from £8.75

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