Sunday, August 2, 2009

Highlight #9 - The Overcoat by Gecko Theatre

An award-winning and accomplished young theatre group from the UK, Gecko return to the Edinburgh Fringe with The Overcoat, a piece inspired by a short story by Russian novelist Gogol.

With what promises to be visually compelling staging and a style reminiscent of a silent movie, The Overcoat tells the tale of young office worker Akakki as he persues his twin desires - a female colleague he is infatuated with and a brown overcoat that seems to possess almost magical qualities...

With little in the way of coherent dialogue (the cast speak in a variety of languages), The Overcoat is not so much a straightforward storytelling piece, but instead looks to be a tour de force of imagery and movement, with comic interludes and a beguiling style. Imaginative use of sets and lighting, coupled with a cast that have backgrounds in dance as well as acting, look set to ensure The Overcoat lives up to expectations as a powerful piece of physical theatre.

The Overcoat runs from the 13th to 29th (not 18th or 25th) August in the Pleasance Courtyard. Prices various from £7.

Review to follow on 21st August,

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  1. Thanks for the great preview!

    Gecko is also giving away free tickets on its Facebook page